Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Angelina, M L W Style

Angelina is from Missouri originally but now resides in Memphis, Tennessee and wrestles and boxes all over the Mid South area. She has progress alot in her career and she is definitely an asset to M L W. She has wrestled the best and in hardcore title matches also.....She is a lean mean fighting machine
Photo by Brian Reese

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome Back The Great Cheyenne

The Great Cheyenne has been missed at Magnificent Ladies Wrestling, but I think more by the Management than the other lady wrestlers. See Cheyenne is one of the meanest, baddest, tuff'est and roughest ladies in pro wrestling. Check out her new matches coming up soon on  photos by Brian Reese

Friday, June 24, 2011

Amy Love

Amy Love from Texas, formerly of Florida and now living in North Carolina did a great job the times she worked at M L W....Check out any video you want of her and you will completely enjoy it along with looking at one of the prettiest ladies ever in wrestling...They didn't call her the ""Super Model"" for no reason

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Su Yung, The first ever MISS MLW

Su Yung started her brilliant career at Magnificent Ladies Wrestling after managing on Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling for Kevin White. She was a notorious heel at Memphis Wrestling and started off as a sweet innocent lady at M LW but quickly found  cheating as a way of life in the ring. Su has gone on to stardom at FCW and we are sure, the WWE very soon...MLW is very PROUD of Su and her progress in professional wrestling

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Former M L W Champ, Brandi Wine

No doubt about it, Brandi Wine is one of the prettiest ladies ever in wrestling....She might een be one of the prettiest ladies ever...She is a very talented super well trained professional wrestler who is a hit with M L W fans from all over the entire world. Brandi can be found on many M L W downloads, and in every single match she gives 110%, she is well worth your money as a wrestler and as a beauty queen Photo by Wrestlin Wally

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Veronica being ""Vicious"" to Angel Dust

Veronica Fairchild used to be the girl next door....Now everyone wishes she was the girl from the other side of town.....Ever since winning the M L W title from Rock and Roll Rock C, the pretty amazing Alabama native, has well, went off the deep end on wanting to hurt any female who comes to M L W.....Including the Ohio sensation Angel Dust, who Veronica try to rip her neck right off her head   Photo by Either Wrestlin Wally or Brian Reese


Friday, June 17, 2011


three talented ladies from the ovw area will be here to tape on July 23rd.   Josie, Taryn Shay, and C J Lane will be in the M L W Studio.  I expect this taping to fill up fast for sure   Pics are from the infamous, wrestlin wally  Truly beautiful and talented ladies   M L W is very excited to have these 3 ladies coming in

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The soon returning "NIKKI" Lane

Married to one of the best mid south wrestlers, Austin Lane, Nikki Lane is a determined young lady who wants to be the very best she can....She knows she is married to the best male in the area, so she wants to be the best female in the area....Strong, determined, and in shape, Nikki is looking forward to being back at the M LW Studios for some M L W......July 23rd, NIkki WILL BE BACK  Photo by Brian Reese

Monday, June 13, 2011

Barbi Hayden

It's true, Barbi Hayden will be at Magnificent Ladies Wrestling June 25th and 26th to strut her stuff......She is primed and ready after her weekend in Texas in which she did really good and almost won the title.....She is a fantastic young talent, and like Veronica Fairchild and The Rockettes, they are the future of ladies wrestling.....Barbi is ready for her M L W debut

Sunday, June 12, 2011

MLW welcomes back, Rebecca Lynn

She is Mean, she is a powerful lady, but she can wrestle and M L W welcomes back on June 25th, the talented and gorgeous Rebecca Lynn.....After feuding with Misty James for years, still has taken her wrestling ability back out on the road and she is more determined now than ever to become the number one contender for the M L  W title held by Veronica Fairchild      Picture by Wrestlin Wally

Are you TUFF Enuff

Magnificent Ladies Wrestling is not for Divas or Knockouts, but for Ladiy Wrestlers who can wrestle   Just ask all the great competitors who have been here over the last 4 years now..Wrestlers need to apply, no one else

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sara del Rey

One of the Best lady wrestlers in the world, is returning soon to Magnificent Ladies Wrestling.....She always books up fast so be watching the website for the return of the Mighty One.....Respected all over the world and as talented as they come, we at M L W are PROUD Sara comes and works for us     She is often referred to as the "Queen" of the Ring, a title she so richly deserves    Pics by Brian Reese and Wrestlin Wally

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crystal Fire versus Veronica Fairchild

Tuesday night, June 7th, Veronica Fairchild defended her title against Crystal Fire......This was a match at Gulas Old School Wrestling in Celina, Tennessee at the Clay County Fair   Check out the man who took the pics of the match  Wrestlin Wally  Both ladies plus many more are available for our custom shoot on June 25th, Hurray and place your orders

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Thunder Kitty is coming to M L W but she is in need of some matches....She is what M L W is all about and that is totally old school....Her attire, her ring style, her attitude are all M L W old school standards..She is tuff and she wants M L W competition and soon, more like June 25th....Help her out with ordering some action from the California via south Mississippi.....Hurray it's time to order this week.....

Monday, June 6, 2011

MLW Champ Dives Into Summer "Training!"



Following her most recent series of successful MLW title defenses, Champion Veronica Fairchild had her warm-weather wardrobe shipped to her summer resort home for what she described as “intense training” for the upcoming challenges. As evidenced by these exclusive photos, Veronica's idea of training may differ greatly from the blue collar perspective. Heck, even the white collar perspective probably does not come close to identifying with what Veronica described as “hard work.”

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jennifer Justice

Jennifer Justice is a seasoned veteran of the squared circle  She is  one tough ""TUFF"" lady who can wrestle your butt off or fight your butt off...She is a talented, seasoned veteran who likes to wrestle....Join i the M L W Custom Business and order your first ever Jennifer Justice custom, YOU will be glad you did, TRUST ME

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Joyce Grable, Respected Veteran

Joyce Grable, one of the best lady wrestlers EVER, wants to suit it up one more time....I mean she is ready to put some Joyce Grable mojo on any of the M L W ladies and she chose M L W to come back to the ring and seek and destroy some of these so called ""Wrestlers"" as Joyce puts it....She is wanting to be the old Joyce with her wicked ways, just just needs You, YES YOU, reading this to sponsor her in some matches....Joyce is still the cream of the crop fans Photo by Wrestlin Wally