Saturday, October 15, 2011

Magnificent Ladies World Champion Melanie Cruise

A 6'0" Chicago lady is the current M L W World's Champion.....She is gorgeous, she is beautiful and she is FLAT out one of the BEST Lady Wrestlers in the world......Her home promotion is POWW out of Chicago, but they let her come down to M  L  W and In August she defeated Veronica Fairchild for the title.....Now 2 months later, her and Veronica, well are friends...Stay tuned to this story for more details but it is NOT looking good for M L W
Photos by Mr Brian Reese and Wrestlin' Wally

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  1. The 1st picture of Melanie Cruise
    was taken by me (Brian Reese).
    the last 2 pictures were taken by
    Wrestlin' Wally.