Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Open Challenges and Climbing the Ranks

Eight Returning Magnificent Ladies Looking for a Fight

Eight lovely and talented wrestling professionals will make what each hopes will be a triumphant return to Magnificent Ladies Wrestling for the July 21 taping. They are all looking to climb in the rankings and get a shot at a World Title. And in climbing that ladder to success, they are willing to step over each other to get where they want to be. An incredible array of wrestling styles, talent, and experience creates an opportunity for fans to build some amazing match-ups. Veterans like Christie Ricci and Sabrina can outsmart their opponents. Powerhouses like Crystal Fire and Destiny can overpower their opponents. Technicians like Maranda Rights and Mia Svensson can out-wrestle their opponents. And the World Tag Team Champions, Jennifer Justice and Nikki Lane, can and will break every rule in the book in order to score a victory. Check out the Customs section to see how you can be a part of  setting up potential matches for these eight ladies.

Photos courtesy of Wrestlin Wally and Brian Reese

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