Monday, October 1, 2012

Angel Blue Takes the Fight to Justin Overstreet in an Inter-gender Battle

[Magnificent Ladies Wrestling] 886: Justin Overstreet vs. Angel Blue

"Match 886, Angel Blue vs. Justin Overstreet is a great match. I was leery of a match where a petite women wrestled a much larger man. They usually don't look too good or rely on some silly gimmick like the male having his drink spiked. This match was very different. In excellent fashion, this match demonstrated how a competent petite woman can clobber a much larger male wrestler and make it look good. Angel Blue has the talent, speed, skill, killer instinct, and conditioning to pull this off. She used some great chokes, biting, and eye gouging to stop Justin. She also did a great job of working on the arm, isolating it to perfection. I have not seen that done so well in many years. I Loved her fantastic trash talking. Like the match preview says, Justin found out why these women are Magnificent. I would love to see more Angel Blue and women like Brittney Love, Lil Bit, and Million Dollar Baby taking it to the men. You now have a blueprint on how to do it properly."
-Magnificent Ladies Fan

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