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Magnificent Ladies Wrestling News: Joyce Grable to Tell the Whole Truth and Nothing But

Women's wrestling icon prepares to divulge industry secrets

Joyce Grable
March 29, 2013 - As many wrestling fans may be well aware, 2013 Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee Joyce Grable has been experiencing costly health issues. Magnificent Ladies Wrestling is offering fans an opportunity to help Grable cover the cost of her medical expenses. During the April 20 taping, Grable will answer all fan-submitted questions in her own unique and colorful manner. The cost of submitting a question is $10 per inquiry. There is no limit to how many $10 inquiries each individual may submit. All of the proceeds will go toward Grable's medical expenses.

Grable's first Magnificent Ladies appearance was in Match 173, managing Su Yung in an inter-gender match. Grable returned for her most high-profile Magnificent Ladies appearance at the Magnificent Mayhem Supershow, managing Amy Lee in Match 405 against Melanie Cruise, and Million Dollar Baby in Match 402, a street fight against Robbie Rage.

Despite her initial 1991 retirement from in-ring competition due to back problems, which resulted in surgery, Grable proved she may very well be the toughest woman in the history of the business by returning to the ring to compete. In a rematch nearly 30 years in the making, Grable faced off against long-time rival Sabrina in Match 412. The two last competed against each other in the early 1980s, most notably in a singles match that aired on Superstation WTBS as part of Crockett Promotions World Championship Wrestling.

That epic encounter was followed months later by a first-time ever contest between Grable and fellow Fabulous Moolah student, Diane Von Hoffman. Match 940 was history in the making, not only for Magnificent Ladies, but for all of women's professional wrestling. The Magnificent Ladies locker room emptied to pay tribute to these two great competitors in what was set to be the final match for both of them. After this match was over, even at this stage in their respective careers, speculation of why Moolah kept them apart during their prime was clear to most.

"There's no doubt," a member of the Magnificent Ladies roster said confidently. "Moolah was protecting her spot. If she'd let Joyce and Diane wrestle each other back in the day, they would have stolen the show and taken the spotlight from Moolah. It's a damn shame we had to wait this long to see this greatness. Thank God for Magnificent Ladies Wrestling making it a reality."

Following her initial Magnificent Ladies in-ring encounter with Sabrina, Grable decided she wanted to manage her long-time foe. In Matches 416, 947, 948, and 950, Grable provided guidance and sometimes a hands-on approach for Sabrina against the likes of such rising talents as Million Dollar Baby, Nikki Lane, Cheyenne Vegas, and Mackenzie York.

Aside from her 2013 induction into the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame, Grable was also recognized by the prestigious Cauliflower Alley Club in 2010. She has held several National Wrestling Alliance women's championships, including being a four-time World Tag Team Champion, twice with the legendary Wendi Richter as her partner. She was inducted into the NWA Hall of Fame in 2012. She was also the 1973 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Female Wrestler of the Year.

Grable is now prepared to dish all of the dirt and answer questions about everything, ranging from Fabulous Moolah to Wendi Richter to what really goes on behind the scenes at Magnificent Ladies. No topic is off limits. Submit your $10 question today!

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