Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fan Comments on Matches 818 and 828

[Magnificent Ladies Wrestling] 818: The Lifesavers (Crystal Fire & Maranda Rights) vs. Smokin' Justice (Nikki Lane)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the tag title match where Nikki Lane had to defend the championship in a handicap match against the Lifesavers. I loved the finish of the match. That was a really surprising ending. I have never seen anything like that before in pro wrestling!" - Anonymous

[Magnificent Ladies Wrestling] 828: Claudia Del Solis vs. Morgan

"Wow, this is a great match! This ranks as one of THE best matches Magnificent Ladies Wrestling has done. Claudia and Morgan were absolutely sensational, particularly Claudia. I love the outfits and their attitude. The interviews at the beginning were awesome. Claudia is one of my favorites. Your website is THE best in ladies pro wrestling. The ladies are athletic, know how to wrestle, dress old school in bathing suits, are beautiful and flat out have great attitude." - Anonymous

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