Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vision sets sights on inter-gender challenge!

[Magnificent Ladies Wrestling] Vision

"I just watched Match 767 on, Josie vs Pokerface. How dare that little sawed-off twerp step into our ring. Not only that, he actually hit a woman. Well Pokerface, I would like to see you try to to that to somebody your own size. Wait a minute, I'm actually bigger than you, you little tanned midget. If someone will sponsor a match between me and you, I will see to it that you are humbled. Better yet, after I beat you, I'm gonna put makeup on your face, and a yellow streak down your back." - Vision

Check out for more information.

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  1. Pokerface posted the following reply to Vision on Facebook: Quenton Williams: "It's amazing how some people are so brave from behind the comfort of their keyboard. Well Vision, this is Pokerface in case you don't know my real name. Josie stepped into a MAN'S sport so she got what she deserved, and the same can happen to you. I will "female dog" slap you, back in your place. Don't ever talk smack to me again if you know what's good for you."